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Project Description

High Sign is an application that allows you to easily create and map custom gestures to perform common actions on their Windows PC. Unlike some other mouse gesture recognition software, you are not limited to a set of predefined gestures; you are free to create any gesture you can think up. The original idea for High Sign was to be a complete StrokeIt alternative, but since High Sign's birth, the vision has changed dramatically for it to become so much more. The gesture recognition engine was written from scratch and designed to focus on maximum recognition accuracy with a minimum sample set (typically one (1) sample is all that's required to reliably identify a gesture).
  • Update (Monday, February 23rd, 2009): Second alpha preview has been released. Please visit the release page to download it. As always, feedback is encouraged.
  • Update (Friday, February 13th, 2009): A new alpha preview will be released in a few days that includes fixes listed in the Issue Tracker, as well as feature requests from user discussions. Also, there are various other fixes and changes made to the code base.

Donate to the High Sign Project

High Sign is an open source software application, which means all the work we put into High Sign to make it a great application is our gift to you. If you enjoy using High Sign, please consider donating to the project. Your donations will allow us to cover the costs of promotions, domain & hosting, development tools, etc...

We appreciate your support of High Sign!

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Getting Started with High Sign
You can create an action simply by drawing a gesture on the application you'd like to control (in training mode), and High Sign will ask you a few simple questions.
  1. What did you draw?
  2. What application do you want to control?
  3. What action do you want to perform?
It's that simple to setup an action that's ready to rock as soon as you step out of training mode.

Second alpha preview has been released. Go get it now!

Using High Sign

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