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HighSign with WebEx


Here's an interesting one - I recently had High Sign running while in a WebEx meeting, during which the presenter took control of my mouse and tried to use it to copy files using a right-click/drag operation. This first caused High-Sign to crash, then caused WebEx to crash so badly that we had to create an entirely new meeting just to get it working again. For now I'll be closing High-Sign whenever I enter into a virtual meeting, but a fix would be ideal.
Also, it's probably been mentioned before, but an option to disable High Sign for standard right-click drag/drop operation would be very much appreciated. Stroke-It implemented this functionality with a single left click on the tray icon to toggle enabled/disabled. Something similar in High Sign would help a lot (its frustrating to have to close and re-open the entire program whenever I want to move files with my right mouse button).