Upcoming Version of High Sign

Mar 19, 2009 at 5:22 AM
I just wanted to go ahead and inform everyone that a new version of High Sign will be released soon that includes many new features, as well as bug fixes. We've changed the user interface quite a bit to allow for more granular configuration of applications and actions. We think the improvements will be well received and bring us closer to providing you a more robust application. Honestly, it's you, the user, which motivates us to make this application great. We take your feedback to heart and do our best to bring it to fruition. However, it should also be said that this project is my life outside of my immediate responsibilities (wife, baby, and job), and it's my passion, so you can count on my dedication the this project as it evolves. Also, for those of you that are new to what's happening with High Sign, we've brought another developer on board. His name is Robert Larkin, aka roblarky, and he's been doing a fantastic job with new plugins, community interaction, promotions, and core development. I'm very happy to have him on the project and think that his experience and dedication to the project has been and will continue to be reflected in the quality of the work he has completed. Thanks Rob, you're great!

So you can look forward to a new version of High Sign very soon. I don't like to set hard dates for these Alpha releases, but as soon as we go to beta, we'll be conforming to a stricter release schedule and you'll know well in advance the dates new release will become available. We just have to make sure we iron out all the major features and kinks before we commit ourselves to a firm development cycle.

Thanks for keeping your eye on this project, and please, all feedback is appreciated.

Dylan Vester