Application Portability - run from USB

May 15, 2009 at 8:56 AM

I absolutely agree with the author that touch-screens are the future (think Enterprise-D panels in every hallway).  I also believe that this project has the potential to set a high benchmark.  Strong active development, receptive to feedback, fast releases, open source, it's all great!

My suggestion is that every time I find an application I can't live without...  one that modifies my workflow, my thought process, etc.  I am completely stuck or insanely slow when I get to a machine where those programs or my setup do not exist.  I run most of these programs from a USB key or from the web.  I like my applications to be "green"...  that is to say it's environmentally friendly - the app doesn't throw garbage all over the OS - no registry entries, no %appdata%, etc.  The additional benefit is that the app can be run from my USB key and come with me to my other systems (I have 3 at home, 3 at work, and am the tech support for my friends and family).  Saving time is critical.  I've been bouncing between gmote and strokeit (vista and xp respectively).  I use Opera, where I first learned mouse gestures and really can't live without them there.

So if I grow addicted to High Sign, the way I think I could, it would be quite frustrating to get to another box and not have my gestures.  Proactively then, I am asking if that could be possible?

Thank you for reading.